Filipino American League of Engineers & Architects

FALEA THIRD Annual Golf Tournament

April 16, 2010 (FRIDAY)

Kapolei Golf Course

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For all the Participants & Sponsors of the 3rd Annual FALEA Foundation Scholarship golf tournament



Title Sponsor:

10-0416 sponsor-11.JPG (1272940 bytes)       10-0416 sponsor-27.JPG (1294011 bytes) Nan Inc.

GOLD & Silver Sponsor:

        10-0416 sponsor-13.JPG (1229738 bytes) 10-0416 sponsor-28.JPG (1281002 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-34.JPG (1262334 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-39.JPG (1313766 bytes)  

Index Builders Inc. - Gold Sponsor 

JAYAR Construction, Inc. - Gold Sponsor

Media 5 Architecture  - Silver Sponsor


hole-in-one Sponsor:

  10-0416 sponsor-37.JPG (1264450 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-38.JPG (1259884 bytes)

JN Automotive



10-0416 sponsor-1.JPG (2383395 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-14.JPG (798040 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-15.JPG (1286151 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-17.JPG (1259736 bytes)

       10-0416 sponsor-19.JPG (1262457 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-20.JPG (1262590 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-21.JPG (1288883 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-25.JPG (1299394 bytes)

10-0416 sponsor-30.JPG (1286475 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-42.JPG (1287865 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-44.JPG (1282541 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-46.JPG (1250417 bytes)

10-0416 sponsor-48.JPG (1272134 bytes)  10-0416 sponsor-50.JPG (1278519 bytes)




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Playing Teams:


Allied Pacific Builders Inc.

AMV Air Conditioning

Close Construction

Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

Commercial Sheetmetal

Community Mortgage Services, LLC

Division X




Fil-Am Golf Club

H.S.I Mechanical

JMI Electric

John Ramos Team

Judge Rey Graulty Team

L.A. Painting

LYON Associates

Marc Armas Team

Meadow Gold Dairies

Mechanical TRends

Nuprecon EWR

Pacific Commercial Services, LLC

Parsons Brinkerhoff

Pinoy Golf Club 


Promark Corporation

Quillopo Painting


Titan Industries

Ujimori Realty

WCIT Architecture


M/M Crisanto Ragasa

M/M Frank Cruzata

M/M Silvestre Ulep

Rey Quemado

M/M Gilbert Roces

Lou Marcelo

M/M Jun Suela





M/M Frank Sibayan

Ernie Endrina

Art Navarro

Pedro Guzman

Ronnie Carag

Angel Pangilinan

PECSON & Associates



Rich Higa

Ping Quindica

OLPH School - Sister Davilyn

Bong & Tez Marquez

Alter Ibe

Ferdinand Beltran

Lou's Quality Home Health Care



Emil Barroga

Edie Eldeen

Majella Stevenson

Dante Acoba

M/M Roy Bravo

Sid Pante

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